Friday, March 11, 2011

81 Victims alive in the ship swept off by Japan's tsunami

A ship that was swept away by the tsunami on Japan's northeastern coast was found and all 81 aboard were airlifted to safety, the AFP news agency reported Friday, citing Japanese news reports.

A Japanese coast guard official had said a search was under way for the ship carrying dock workers that was swept away when a tsunami struck the northeastern coast.

The vessel was washed away from a shipbuilding site in Miyagi prefecture (state), the area most affected by a massive offshore earthquake on Friday. The quake triggered the tsunami.

Japanese naval and coast guard helicopters located the ship and rescued those on board, AFP said, citing the Jiji news agency.

Citing Miyagi police, Kyodo News had reported that 100 were on board.

Four trains running in a coastal area of Miyagi and Iwate prefectures remained unaccounted for after the tsunami hit.

It was not known how many people were aboard the trains.

Another train on the Senseki Line was found derailed near Nobiru Station after the quake. No information was available about the fate of the passengers and crew on the train.

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