Friday, June 24, 2011

HTC evo 3d, tech news update june 24

HTC evo 3d, tech news update june 24 - More Updates for the HTC Evo 3D – Bug Fixes Galore: It’s HTC EVO 3D day! And to celebrate, HTC has pushed out yet another update to help fix that pesky Dialer app/lockscreen issues so many were having with the last one. Also, users in our very own, Android Forums are reporting that an update for HTC Watch also fixed a bug that was keeping the phone from sleeping properly. This means a dramatic increase in battery life with some users reporting around 15 hours of battery life and still a 48% charge. This brings the number of updates for the Evo 3D to a grand total of 5. Also, with 14 hours of battery life, the Evo 3D is definitely on par with the Galaxy S 2 in terms of multi-day performance.

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