Friday, March 11, 2011

American Lifestyle in Recreation

Baseball, basketball, American football, and ice hockey are the most popular spectator and participation sports, but Americans enjoy an enormous range of activities, including soccer, cycling, racket-ball (a hybrid of squash and handball), tennis, swimming, golf, bowling, martial arts, walking, jogging, and aerobic exercise. Schools, cities, and other organizations sponsor team sports for the young, and professional sports are an important part of the culture. 

In general, most Americans spend a large amount of their leisure time socializing or watching television. Other leisure activities include going to the cinema or concerts, picnicking, and travelling. Many Americans volunteer for a wide range of causes, from raising funds to help those who are less fortunate to tutoring students or leading Scout troops and youth sports. Even city dwellers enjoy spending time in the "great outdoors", camping, hiking, or hunting.

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