Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gary Coleman’s home slashed price

The asking price for the property belonging to the ‘Diff’rent Strokesactor – who passed away after suffering a serious head injury last year – has been reduced to $225,000 in a bid to sell his assets.

Gary Coleman’s home and belongings remain unsold. The asking price for Gary Coleman’s former home in Utah, US, has been slashed in a bid to sell it.

Former child star Gary was at the house - located in Utah, US - when he fell and suffered the injury, which later led to his death in hospital aged 42.

Gary had bought the house for $320,000 in 2006 and lived in it with ex-wife Shannon Price. It is said to still contain his belongings.

A spokesperson for Shannon told website “She can’t afford to pay for it.

“She left it up to the third party attorney. It’s a big house. She can only do so much.

“She’s paying everything she has to attorneys. And she’s very cautious about spending wisely and saving every penny.”

Gary had struggled with money throughout most of his adult life, although in 1989 he successfully sued his parents and former business advisors for $1.3 million for misappropriation of funds.

In February it was revealed that Shannon was living in squalor in another home, which she shared with her father.

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