Friday, March 18, 2011

Something that makes women going crazy

If there is an item of fashion that makes women crazy for collecting them, then it was shoes. Former Philippines first lady Imelda Marcos is famous for its collection even as many as 2700 pairs of shoes. Fashionista character Carrie Bradshaw from the series 'Sex and the City,' is also best known for her love of shoes. ''I may more understand shoes than men,''said the character played by Sarah Jessica Parker's.

Shoes could not be far from women lives. An U.S. Consumer Reports publication, ShopSmart, surveyed more than a thousand women in the State. On average, each woman has 17 pairs of shoes and spent about $ 49 for each. Among all the shoes they have, only three of it that are used regularly.

But, of course you may not be included in the group. Especially if you are a shoe maniac. In fact, 13 percent of women own more than 30 percent of the shoes, not including sneakers.

Well, here are the results of other statistics obtained from the survey:
  1. Women buy about three pairs of shoes each year.
  2. As many as 39 percent more women have flat shoes compared to other models of shoes.
  3. Meanwhile, 33 percent of women spend more than $ 100 for a pair of shoes.
  4. Only 25 percent of women who wear the shoes with the right height of 10 cm or more.
  5. As many as 46 percent of women buy an ugly but comfortable shoes, while 60 percent of them could bear the pain for fashionable shoes.
  6. 61 percent of women bring comfortable shoes in their bags as an alternative shoes.
  7. As many as 48 percent of women had suffered injury from a shoe.
  8. Almost 19 percent of women buy shoes to entertain themselves.
  9. Some 29 percent of women buy shoes online.
  10. Meanwhile, 14 percent of women had to hide at least one shoe purchase from their partner.
  11. Interestingly, 51 percent of women pay attention to the shoes worn by another woman.
  12. Finally, 28 percent of women consider shoe is the key of looks.
So, what causes so many women are obsessed with shoes? Lisa Lee Freeman, editor in chief ShopSmart explains,''shoes never make your ass look big. You should no worry your shoes will not fit even if your weight increased a few pounds, and shoes can make you feel sexy instantly.

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