Monday, April 4, 2011

New Single ‘Teenage Daughters‘: Martina McBride‘s Clever Performance

Martina McBride gave a clever performance of her co-written new single ‘Teenage Daughters‘ on Las Vegas’ MGM Grand stage, while photos of her three daughters ran on the big screen behind her.

2011′s ACM Awards co-host Reba McEntire took it upon herself to introduce Martina McBride‘s performance of ‘Teenage Daughters’ in order to share that she could relate to the stressed singer, who is currently raising three girls.

Martina McBride new single 'Teenage Daughters' now available on iTunes at the same day (March 29), McBride’s daughter Emma became a teenager! Emma celebrated her 13th birthday.

“I couldn’t believe it when I noticed the single release date was the same day Emma turns 13!” Martina said. “How fitting that I have another teenager in the house on the very day.”

Earlier this week, ironically the same day that ‘Teenage Daughters‘ hit iTunes, McBride quickly found herself raising not one, but two teenage girls, when her middle daughter Emma celebrated her 13th birthday. McBride is also raising 16-year-old Delaney and 5-year-old Ava. Martina shared that it was an exchange with the older daughter that inspired the topic of her latest single, which she co-wrote with the Warren Brothers. We wish her the best of luck!

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