Monday, April 25, 2011

Research In Motion Revises Software Development Kits for BlackBerry Tablets and Smartphones

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Research In Motion has released new developer tools for those who want to write applications for BlackBerry smartphones and tablets.

On Wednesday the company unveiled version 2.0 of its BlackBerry Software Development Kits (SDKs) for the Tablet OS, and Smartphones, which will allow you people code applications for both platforms using web technologies such as HTML 5 CSS3 and JavaScript. BlackBerry smartphones using the BlackBerry operating system, but the pills run on another operating system, based on the QNX microkernel.

This is the first time the SDK for both platforms shared the same version number, and, according to RIM's "first step towards convergence of BlackBerry SDKs WebWorks and BlackBerry OS comfortable WebWorks SDKs for Smartphone.

"Our development teams have spent considerable time re-architecture of the structure to prepare BlackBerry WebWorks to bring the two platforms together," RIM said in a blog. According to the Post, the JavaScript API are separated from the operating system, so that developers can "easily change and improve the existing API and package your BlackBerry WebWorks," and the entire framework and all its WebWorks API Now , open source and available on GitHub.

In a separate post, RIM said it had also released the final version of the SDK for developers to write applications for Adobe AIR Tablet BlackBerry OS. The SDK contains playbook API, plug-in for Adobe Flash Builder and Simulator playbook. As AIR applications, Android applications can also run a playbook, RIM said earlier.

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