Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ron Paul: a fault, more terrorist on US global intervention

Ron Paul
Ron Paul said that a more terrorist on US global intervention deserves to be blamed. On his first television appearance on the Sean Hannity show on Fox News, The congressman from Texas and a doctor indicated why it is disagreed with many of the Republican Party. On the surface, which covered many topics, the true definition of what libertarians do with economics, Ron Paul found the right time to talk about the United States and its role abroad, particularly with regard to U.S. wars and actions. As expected, Ron Paul was not a consideration, and it seems that the U.S. was really the culprit with the increasing of the terrorists on the planet. This topic is unpopular what Ron Paul has done contrary to many Republicans and conservatives in the past.

Such provocative statements are precisely why so many young people have just fallen in love with the "nice" doctor." He's basically a libertarian response is typical of liberal foreign policy and the U.S. military. In other words, when talking about terrorism and the U.S. military, Ron Paul can not be distinguished from the true spirit of liberal appeasement! When you hear his comments on Hannity last night, you get a clear impression that he accused the United States to increase the number of terrorists around the world due to its global interventions. It seems so stupid and misleading error that immediately sparked a correction form Hannity, who was to remind the doctor of aging that Muslim terrorists hated the U.S. long before the operation.

Ron Paul is a bit of a pariah among conservatives and Republicans, even, precisely because of these stupid accusations of the survey. That's why he never, never a shadow of a serious candidate for President ... unless, of course, ran on the ticket of Ron Paul party or something! This also confirms that when it comes to foreign policy (ie: confronting the terrorists who want to kill you and your family to cold), the average libertarian has absolutely no answer, no plan or ideas useful to say the least . While liberals are right when it comes to wanting government interference in life (personal and other) of Americans, which unfortunately also results in a lower U.S. military and a sort of isolationist mentality. If Ron Paul accuses the United States to create more terrorists, then it is essentially saying that he also wants to reduce the size of the U.S. military.

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