Monday, April 11, 2011

Who is Most Hated by Jackie Kennedy after Marilyn Monroe: Elizabeth Taylor

Who is most hated by Jackie Kennedy after Marilyn Monroe? The answer is Elizabeth Taylor. Late actress Elizabeth Taylor had invited a jealous wrath of Jackie Kennedy, who ­accused her of having an affair with her husband and the then US president John F. Kennedy. The astonishing details of their bitter feud have been revealed in Taylor's private ­diaries, which she maintained since childhood days.

"When they are edited and ­published, as she requested, they will amaze fans and historians," quoted one of the late screen icon's closest friends as saying.

A number of entries, at the time Kennedy was planning his 1960 presidential ­campaign, refer to several private meetings with "Jack" at his bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Marilyn Monroe
"She was married to Eddie Fisher, her fourth husband, at the time. And she was thrilled to be invited to meet Kennedy during one of his campaign fund-raising visits to ­California," said the friend.

Both of them hit off so well that John had invited her to see him a number of times, however, Taylor had a tough time convincing his wife Jackie that her relationship with John was nothing more than just friendship.

"Liz swore her relationship with Kennedy never went beyond friendship, but Jackie was convinced they had an ­affair and said some vicious things about Elizabeth that got back to her," the friend said.

Another stunning revelations included that Taylor's greatest love, Richard Burton, resorted to physical violence several times during their relationship.

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