Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Five Storyline Reveals in the Modern Warfare 3 Trailer

Modern Warfare 3 Trailer appeared in the news this afternoon with the release of a new trailer, these images show a gameplay for the first time. But its mix of cutscenes and action sequences left us asking more questions than before. So we know 1UP wanted to at least share some of our findings and see if you've noticed something interesting too. Here are our five key outcomes of the gameplay trailer.

  1. Not familiar faces, only action.
    • Captain Price and Soap MacTavish is nowhere to be seen in this trailer, but I would not worry too much about it. At the end of the Modern Warfare 2, we were left to question where they will go and how they could do without getting caught. With the most powerful nations in the midst of World War III, it is much more likely than soap and prices can slip under the radar.
  2. Lone Ranger
    • "It should not be the most powerful nation on Earth to create the next global conflict, only the will of a man." Although we know that Makarov, head of the Russian terrorist group, made the statement, the author is not very clear. Sure, it could have caused the war, but do not know who is attacking.
  3. Marina
    • From what we see today, the war sailors has an important place in this game than its predecessors. If only we knew what country is represented in this screen shot - it's hard to believe the U.S. deliberately attacking Manhattan.
  4. U.S. to attack or support of France?
    • In this screenshot of the game, it seems pretty clear that the player attacked a district in France. Remember, they do not take to the streets, but the building itself. Is this another "No Russian" when we are asked to attack civilians? Or are the Americans, the biggest enemy of France?
    • U.S. defends NYC and it is unclear the role of France. We're not sure if Britain and Germany to travel elsewhere in order to initiate full-scale war, or if it is only in their immediate vicinity.
  5. WTF! What's wrong?
    • The scenario seems to be everywhere, so now more than ever. It's easy to assume that understanding will not be easy to pick up the franchise Modern Warfare for the first time. Suppose I invent a brief summary of appropriate sufficient money to meet Modern Warfare 3.
    • Some of our takeaway fast the trailer tonight. Have you seen something else to note? Or do you have any ideas about what will happen in MW3? Tell us below!

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