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The US Trends | Fergie | Fergie is an American singer, songwriter, fashion designer and actress. Fergie was a member of the children////'s television series, Kids Incorporated,and the girl band Wild Orchid. Fergie is the female vocalist for The Black Eyed Peas, the hip hop group with whom she has achieved charting success worldwide. Her debut solo album spawned 5 Billboard Hot 100 top #5 singles, 3 of which went to No. #1.


After left WildOrchid in2001, Fergie joined The BlackEyedPeas.With The Black Eyed Peas, Fergie enjoyed a series of hits and albums before releasing her debut album \\\The Dutchess\\\,in September2006 to success.The Black Eyed Peas enjoyed further success with the release of their 3rd album with Ferguson, The E.N.D.;they succeed their 1st string of Billboard Hot 100 No.#1 songs. Fergie began touring in 2009 - 2010 with her group and she launched her debut perfume, Outspoken, under \\\Avon\\\ inMay2010.

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Fergie continued success withThe Black Eyed Peas and they released the albumThe Beginning inNovember2010,which featured 3 singles,including two No.#1 songs.As Ferguson///'s 5 solo singles and 6 singles withTHE Black Eyed Peas have reached 2 million downloads in theUnitedStates, Fergie was the artist with most 2-million sellers in the beginning of2011.

fergie black eyed peas

Fergie, born Stacy Ann Ferguson onMarch 27,1975, inHacienda Heights,California(some sources say Whittier,California).While today Fergie is widely known as a successful solo artist and member of the popular hip-hop groupTHE Black Eyed Peas, Fergie started out as an actress.She appeared in commercials and did voice work before joining the cast of KidsIncorporated in1984.


TheSHOW featured the members of fictional musical group called KidsIncorporated and gave Fergie a chance to demonstrate her singing ability.It 1st ran in syndication before being acquired later byThe Disney Channel. Along with Fergie, the program showcased other upcoming performers,such as Jennifer Love Hewitt and Eric Balfour. Fergie stayed with theShow for 6seasons.

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InThe 1990s,Fergie joined forces with StefanieRidel and former KidsIncorporated cast member ReneeSands(also known as ReneeSandstrom)to form the pop group Wild Orchid.They released their 1st self-titled album in1996,which spawned the modest hits “\\\At Night I Pray,\\\”“\\\Talk to Me,\\\” and “\\\Supernatural.\\\” Their 1998follow-up album,Oxygen, didn't fair as well as their initial effort.

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With her musical career failing take off,Fergie began partying a lot and eventually developed an addiction to crystal methamphetamine,commonly known as crystal meth.Fergie eventually decided to end her hard-partying ways,kicking her drug habit in2002.In a later interview with Time magazine, Fergie said that crystal meth “\\\was the hardest boyfriend I ever had to break up with.\\\”

fergie black eyed peas

As SHEworked on getting her life back together, Fergie joined THEBlack Eyed Peas, an emerging hip-hop group with a popular following. Her 1st album with the group was 2003///’s Elephunk,which became a huge hit driven by several successful singles,including “\\\Where Is The Love\\\” (which also featured vocals by Justin Timberlake) and “\\\Hey Mama.\\\”The group won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group for the song “\\\Let’s Get It Started\\\”-another hit from Elephunk.


The band,which also includes,, and Taboo, have been on the fast track to international success since that career breakthrough.The 2005follow-up album, Monkey Business,reached the TOP of the rap, R & B, and hip-hop charts and made it to number 2 onThe Billboard 200.Showing the diverse nature of their music,the group won THEGrammy Award for Best Rap Performance for “\\\Don’t Phunk With My Heart\\\” in2005 and THEGrammy Award for Best Pop Performance for “\\\My Humps\\\” in2006.

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Also in2006,Fergie fulfilled a dream she had since her WildOrchid days--making her own solo album.With The Dutchess,she reached the top of the charts with such hits as “\\\London Bridge,\\\” “\\\Glamorous,\\\” and “\\\Big Girls Don’t Cry.\\\” Fergie shows off her ability to handle diverse styles and moods on the recording,from 'emotional ballads' to 'hip-hop infused dance tracks' to 'songs with reggae-flavored undertones'.

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InAddition to her music,Fergie has recognized for her good looks.She was selected as one of People magazine///’s “\\\50 Most Beautiful People in the World\\\” in2004. In2007, Fergie was featured in a series of advertisements for 'Candies', a 'shoes', 'clothing', and 'accessories' company.A big fan of fashion, Fergie has done more than just model.She also inked a deal to design two handbag collections for Kipling North America.Returning to acting roots,she has taken on small roles inSuch films asPoseidon(2006) andGrindhouse(2007).

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