Saturday, May 7, 2011

Manny Pacquiao Vs. Shane Mosley Will Stimulate The Economy of Vegas By $ 200 Million+

As cool as it was to see Manny Pacquiao experience hit the road and pulls up to 40,000 fans of the Cowboys stadium last year, has never had any doubt that he would be back in action in Las Vegas at the end.

And nobody is happier about it in Las Vegas itself.

When the fight hit the capital of the world as hard as all U.S. cities during the last recession, you could use a booster. It is on Saturday when Bob Arum told the Las Vegas Sun, that Pacquiao is to fight Shane Mosley could mean $ 200 - $ 300 million in revenue Vegas economy. Did I mention a booster? It's more of a needle full of adrenaline.

Of course, this estimate is given Pacquiao's promoter, so that at least part of a grain of salt is probably wise. But when you stop and feel sold out the arena, possibly 30,000 closed circuit tickets sold, the premium rates Strip hotels can be downloaded (Sun piece says the rooms are going to triple the normal rates at the MGM Grand) , and all the fans to spend on food, drink and be merry, it begins to sound like it is not so now.

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